3 Often Overlooked Basic Steps to Building a Successful Network Marketing Business

Ever wondered why only few people build a successful network marketing organization.

Would you like to build one too?

Building a successful network marketing business may seem difficult, but if you...

Follow the 3 simple steps below
you will be on your way to
Building A Highly Profitable Network Marketing Business

Step# 1: Use your products – the most overlooked of the 3 steps

Success in network marketing requires that you, the distributor, must first use your products. Use your products and be consistent at it.

Many network marketers ignore this very important step, and it cost them dearly.

Use your products and get to really love them. Without this, every attempt to make money in network marketing will be difficult for you.

How does using your products make successful network marketing possible?

Let’s look at an example. How would you react if I sold you something but I told you that I don’t use it? You would think I don’t believe in the product myself and the product probably doesn’t work, wouldn’t you?

How do you expect your customers to react when you tell them you sell the products but actually don’t use them yourself? They would think you don’t believe in the products.

5 Compelling reasons why you should use your products

You gain product knowledge! Knowing your products is an essential part of your selling or retailing part of your network marketing business. The best way to gain this indispensable knowledge is by using the products yourself.

You become better positioned to explain the benefits of your products to your customers! This ties well with the product knowledge. By gaining first hand information of what benefits your products offer makes it easier to explain the benefits to your customers.

It makes dealing with objections simpler! Imagine... Your customer tells you product so and so is better than yours. Unless you know your products very exceedingly well, you will have no sale.

You gain valuable qualifying points! Almost all network marketing compensation plans pay commission based on points gained during the pay period. Every product you buy from your company earns points. You can easily gain the minimum points required from products bought for personal consumption only. This is particularly helpful if you have a very limited time to do actual selling.

You save money on the discount allowed to distributors! Network marketing companies offer products to distributors at discounted prices. Depending on your level, you could be saving as much as 50% on the products you buy for personal consumption.

Already using similar products? Not a problem. Just replace them.

Let’s say you sell household products through your network marketing business. Before you go out to do some shopping for your household items, tick off from your list any product that is available from your company and buy it through your network.

Whatever you do, using your products consistently will go a long way in helping you build a successful network marketing business.

Step# 2: Build an expanding base of retail customers

Building an expanding base of retail customers is essential to successful network marketing for three important reasons:

  • It is much easier to convert an existing product user to a distributor than to try and recruit a non-product user.
  • Retail customers can be a source of your working capital. Because you sell on a cash basis, you are likely to have the much needed cash flow while still waiting for commissions to be paid out.
  • You earn retail profit from your retail customers.

How to Build an Expanding Base of Retail Customers

Recommend your products to other people

You do this every day, don’t you? Recommending a product or service to a friend or acquaintance will come naturally if you love the product or the service. If you have followed the first step above to the letter, recommending whatever you sell to others should be simple to do.

By recommending your products to other people you will build a solid base of retail customers and potential distributors.

Carry a few products with you all the time.

You do not have to carry your entire product range. Carry only a few, particularly those that you can use at any time. If you sell skin care products for example, you can have your hand lotion or sunburn lotion all the time. Pull it out every time you are with others and use it. This way you may strike out a conversation around the product.

One of the basics of successful network marketing is selling the largest number of products to the largest number of people possible. You can do this effortlessly by consistently recommending your products to other people. You can do this almost anywhere and at any time.

The first two steps are vital for successful network marketing. The next step depends to a large extent on you successfully carrying out the first two.

Step# 3: Sponsor your existing customers into the business

This is where many network marketers miss the boat.


Because many network marketers focus on actively promoting the business opportunity with little or no regard to building a retail customer base. The idea is that by promoting the business opportunity, I will bulid a successful network marketing business much quicker. They operate from the get-rich-quick mentality.

Yes, a few individuals do succeed this way, but looking closely, actively promoting the business opportunity is probably the number one cause of the high attrition rate in network marketing. Well over 80% of individuals starting a business in network marketing quit the business within a short time.

Few network marketing distributors understand this business concept. They were made to believe that they can be rich overnight, and the only way to do this is by promoting network marketing to as many people as you can.

Ever heard of the three foot rule? Then you know what I am talking about. Newcomers are told that everyone within three feet is your prospect and you should show him your business opportunity.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here is what Ken Evoy, president of SiteSell.com says about successful network marketing:

“In order for your network marketing business to flourish and be profitable in the long-term, you need an expanding base of satisfied, committed customers who share their enthusiasm by becoming active distributors themselves in your downline.”

Can you see the point?

You need an expanding base of satisfied, committed customers who share their enthusiasm by becoming active distributors themselves in your downline.

These three steps are the cornerstone of building a successful networking marketing business. Any activity over and above these is merely a supplement to them.

Here are some examples:

Lead generation: You need leads to expand your customer base and ultimately your network.

Duplication: You can only duplicate yourself in what you are already doing i.e. using products, building a customer base and sponsoring satisfied, committed customers into your business.

Training: You train people in the use of products you already use... you train people so they can become better product users and know the products better than you do... you train people to sponsor others into their businesses... you train people on build a solid base of customers.

I can go on and on and on. The point is - use your products, build an expanding base of retail customers and sponsor existing customers into your business, and in the long run you will have a successful network marketing business and achieve your goals.

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