The Renegade Network Marketer
A Review of the eBook

The Renegade Network Marketer is an ebook that has garnered a lot of attention from people in the network marketing industry.

The book talks about a revolutionary new system that can help network marketers overcome their challenges and build a successful online business. What is this ‘system’ the book talks about? How good is it? Let us take a look.

About the Author

Ann Sieg is a work-at-home mom turned e-business entrepreneur. She has had massive success as a network marketer.

In the ebook, she explains the concept of renegade marketing – a set of innovative strategies that she used to build a successful network marketing business that helped her earn a six-figure income.

Having spent many years in the industry, she has a good understanding of what works, what does not work, and how to differentiate the former from the latter.

About the Renegade Network Marketer Ebook

The Renegade Network Marketer is a bold and innovative attempt. It shatters a number of myths about multi-level marketing.

For example, it claims that the infamous 3-foot rule, which says that anyone within three feet of you is a prospect, is a complete lie. It also says that traditional marketing techniques like cold calling and sending out flyers are outdated and ineffective. In a few words...

Throughout the book
you will find many such surprising revelations

The book is centered around the concept of renegade marketing or attraction marketing. The author says that the renegade system is totally different in the sense that it does not tell you the secret of chasing potential leads, but the secret of making them come to you.

The attraction marketing system is basically a collection of techniques used by Ann Sieg herself to build a profitable MLM business from scratch. She says that she has done all the legwork to put together a system that generates prequalified prospects effortlessly on a regular basis.

One of the reasons why many network marketers fail is that they generate leads by spending money. But they are not able to recoup their expenses.

The Renegade Network Marketer says that you can avoid this mistake by adding a wide range of income streams to your online business.

Ann explains the techniques that she personally used to set up passive income streams that generate enough income to cover the lead generation expenses.

What I like about this book is the fact that the author has gone to great lengths to explain every single step associated with building an online business.

Here's a snapshot of what you will learn from the book:-

  • how to approach prospective leads
  • how to beat your competitors
  • how to build a downline
  • how to write effective sales pages and ads
  • how to motivate your referrals and customers
  • how to build a MLM website, and
  • many, many more.

The author has literally done all the preliminary sifting and sorting work for you. All you need to do is just follow the guidelines.

Ann Sieg has written an ebook called ‘7 Great Lies of Network Marketing’, which she gives away for free. You can download it and read it to get an idea of what you stand to gain by using the renegade marketing system.

When you place an order for the renegade network marketer, you also get

  • an audiotape that discusses the techniques of generating leads on the phone,
  • an ebook on viral marketing, and

  • lifetime free access to the renegade marketer backend lead generation system.

The author also offers a 90-day money back guarantee, which I think is a good indication of how confident she is about her product.

The Verdict

With tons of innovative ideas, proven marketing strategies, and valuable tips, the Renegade Network Marketer is a complete package. Ann Sieg gives it away for $67, which is quite a bargain. If you are a network marketer who is aspiring to make it big, you should definitely give the renegade network marketer a try.