Is Your
Network Marketing Strategy
Keeping You Away From
Achieving Great Success?

Developing a solid network marketing strategy is essential for your long term success with your network marketing business.

More often than not, people get into network marketing thinking that it is a way to get rich quick. Bar a few exceptional individuals, nothing could be further from the truth. Network marketing is a business, and being a business, should be treated like one.

All successful businesses succeed because they followed a well-chosen business strategy. What is a strategy?

According to Encarta Dictionary a strategy is a carefully devised plan of action to achieve a goal, or the art of developing or carrying out such a plan.

The Oxford Dictionary defines strategy as a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

Looking at these two definitions it becomes clear that a strategy involves a plan of action to achieve a predetermined goal. It is your blueprint for success.

So your network marketing strategy should be your plan of action, carefully devised, to achieve your overall network marketing goals. It should be your overall blueprint for success.

Why should you develop a network marketing strategy?

There are various reasons why you need to develop a good marketing strategy for your business. Here are some of them:

Your strategy will instill discipline

Without a well-designed strategy, you are likely to fall back on your commitment. With the big picture in front of you, you will be motivated to keep on keeping on.

The more you stick to your marketing strategy, the faster you will reach your goals. It makes no difference whether you are doing your business full-time or part-time. The fact is...

You will reach your goals
much faster if you have a good
network marketing strategy in place.

  • Your strategy will help you remain on track
  • A strategy works like a railway track. Unless it derails, a train will arrive at its planned destination every time.

    So is your network marketing business. If you follow your marketing strategy day in day out, it becomes only a matter of time before you realize your goals.

  • It acts as a basis for your daily activities
  • Having a good marketing strategy makes planning your day, week, or even a month easier. You know what to do achieve certain short-term goals.

  • It aids in decision making
  • With a strategy, making decisions is almost half done. Because you know what you want, there will be little or no dilly-dallying with regards to what needs to be done. Your strategy points the way for you.

  • You can evaluate your progress at any time
  • You will know at any given time how far you are from your goal. Not only that...if you are lagging behind, your blueprint will tell you where you are going wrong.

    For example, if your goal was to do four presentations per week and you do only two, you will know why you did not have the number of sign-ups you expected.

    A question you may have on your mind is…

    Which strategy can I implement if I am to succeed in network marketing?

    There is no one simple answer to this question. But the basic strategy in network marketing is...

    1. Use your products
    2. Recommend your products to other people (potential customers)
    3. Sponsor other people into the business (distributors)

    This strategy has been taught to distributors since network marketing was invented. However with many lawsuits being filed against network marketing companies advocating the use of products by distributors, the first step is usually not expressly mentioned these days.

    But this strategy is fundamental to success in any network marketing business. Click here to learn more about this network marketing strategy.

    The biggest challenge for many distributors is knowing how to generate leads and how to turn those leads into customers (step 2) and ultimately distributors (step 3). Using your products is easy. You just buy and use them.

    Various network marketing strategies have been developed to generate leads and turn these into customers and distributors. Some work well. Others don't.

    Those that work well have a few things in common:

    • They have the profile of their prospect in front of them all the time.
    • They offer their products and business to the targeted profile only.
    • They ignore the old network marketing tactics completely. No more harassing friends and family, cold calling, etc.

    In one sentence...

    An Effective Network Marketing Strategy
    Starts by Profiling the Desired Prospect and
    Targets Only This Prospect When Executed

    Modern day network marketing strategies such as attraction marketing and social marketing are popular solely because they target people who have already shown some interest in what is being offered. The prospects just need more information, which the strategy should provide.

    The most effective network marketing strategy by my standards is attraction marketing. With attraction marketing, instead of you chasing after prospects, you have prospects contacting you first.

    Whatever network marketing strategy you develop and use, it will not work unless it focuses on a targeted profile. This is the main reason why old school tactics are so ineffective.

    If you believe that you can be successful in marketing without a solid network marketing strategy, then you should seriously reconsider your position as a network marketer because, without an effective strategy you will ultimately fail. There is no question about that.

    A good network marketing strategy will not only help put you ahead of your competition, but will also give you the foundation to build and grow a successful and profitable network marketing business.

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