Four Proven Steps To Effective
Network Marketing Lead Generation

Network marketing lead generation is the biggest challenge network marketers face.

Perhaps you are facing this challenge too...

You feel overwhelmed by the task of generating good quality leads for your network marketing business. So you hesitate and delay starting your own marketing system.

Bear in mind that the goal of any lead generation strategy is to continually find people willing to do business with you.

The best way to do this is to put yourself in a position where good quality leads will find you.

On this page you'll find four fundamental steps you can implement right now to help you generate leads of good quality for your business. Your first stept is to...

Find Your Niche

Finding a niche is one of the most important elements of any network marketing lead generation strategy.

Why? Because a niche focuses your time and energy on serving a specific type of lead -- a lead that'a actively looking for what you have on offer.

Much of the frustration experienced by network marketers is the result of trying to sell everything their company offers to everyone. They focus most of their time and energy on talking to every Tom, Dick and Harry about their product or business opportunity.

The result? Little or no progress.

Perhaps you are one such person... You focus most of your network marketing lead generation activities on speaking to anyone you meet. So you feel the inevitable frustration which always accompanies unmet expectations.

The good news is you can take the first step to eliminating your frustrations by finding your niche.

So how do you go about finding a niche to bolster your network marketing lead generation activities.? In one word... Research.

Take your time to do some research.

If you are already a distributor, you may want to pick a product from among the wide range of products you have and focus on it. Then know more about this product and its benefits than your prospect does.

To do this, ask yourself questions such as...

  • What problems does this product solve?
  • Why would I want to buy this product?
  • etc.

Keep an open mind while doing this. It may be to your advantage if you are not a distributor yet because you will approach your research with a more open mind.

Whatever you do, find your niche first. And once you find it...

Become An Expert In Your Chosen Niche

Know more, even if it's slightly more, about your niche and your product than your potential customer.

One way you can become an expert in your niche is to consistently use your products. Know your product's strong and weak points. Then show your prospects how your products make solving their problems an easy task. Because in the end...

Effective network marketing lead generation is about providing valuable information that relates to the specific needs of your prospect.

As an expert in your niche you can deliver a very specific message to a very specific potential customer. This way you will be positioning yourself strategically, making it possible for people with the specific problems or needs you specialise in to find you.

Contrary to what your company or upline may have told you, effective network marketing lead generation is not about approaching people. It's about putting yourself in a position where people will find you.

And by positioning yourself in front of these people, you will attract more mlm prospects to yourself than you could using any other marketing strategy. You will gradually build a network of like-minded people.

And it will be much easier for you to grow your network marketing business if you focus most of your energy on building this network first through effective network marketing lead generation strategies.

Be aware though, that before you can even position yourself, you need to...

Know The Kind Of Lead You Want

How are you going to position yourself to serve your prospect first if you don't know who this person is?

So often network marketers tend to sign up as distributors and immediately go out and target anyone who happens to cross their path. This is an ineffective network marketing lead generation strategy because it almost always leads to burnout and frustration.

Seasoned network marketers build a profile of exactly the type of person they want to have as a customer. Thereafter, they put systems in place to attract this type of person.

Your network marketing lead generation strategy will not be effective if you are not aware of the type of person you trying to sell to.

Once you know the kind of lead you want to attract...

Create Your Own System To Attract This Person To Yourself

Many network marketers fall into the trap of using network marketing lead generating companies or list brokers to source their leads. More often than not these leads cost a fortune and most of them do not meet your profile of a lead.

But perhaps what makes leads bought from list brokers the worst you can imagine is that the same lead is sold to as many people as are available to buy it. Imagine speaking to someone who has already been spoken to by twenty other people about the same thing.

Fortunately, you know the type of lead you are looking for... you know the most pressing problems this person seeks solutions to. Why not create a marketing system which will put you in front of this person -- a system which can make you a sought-after person in your niche?

A good network marketing lead generation system should free up your time and maximize your efforts... it should help you accomplish more with less.

The best way to put such a system in place is to provide your targeted leads with information that can help them solve their problems. In other words provide your prospect with solutions to her problems upfront.

You can deliver your message through various media.

Offline you can print pamphlets or flyers and distribute them around your community... you can organise and conduct awareness seminars... you can run an advertorial in newspapers and magazines. Or you can make use of a combination of these media.

While creating a marketing system offline to generate your leads works, you may be leaving out a big chunk of your potential market if you relied solely on that system.

Why? Because an offline marketing system is not as effective as an online system. An online system has far too many advantages over any offline system. Advantages like:-

  • You have a wider reach online than you do offline
  • An online lead generation system operates around the clock
  • With an online system, you do the work once and it will remain in front of your targeted leads for many years to come
  • and many more.

Your biggest problem if you choose to create an online network marketing lead generation system may be "how". You may be asking "How do I create an online network marketing lead generation system?"

Before we answer this remember that...

The goal of your lead generation system is to continually find people willing to do business with you... that the best way to do this is to position yourself as expert in front of people.

Online, you can accomplish this goal using various methods. Here's a small sample of what's available...

  • A website (your own)
  • Blogs
  • Replicated websites
  • Forums
  • Ezine ads
  • Article marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising

But the best way, in my opinion, to create an online system to generate leads is to put together your own website. Sadly, the thought of putting together a website puts off many network marketers because of the perceived complexity of the process.

You might be having similar thoughts... You may be thinking that putting together your own website is a complex task reserved only for the techno-savvy. So you delay or even write off putting yours together.

The reason a website is the best medium for putting yourself in front of prospects is that, as far as search engines are concerned, content on a website is not time specific. It is timeless.

So whenever someone searches for the type of information you provide, search engines have a better chance of finding your site.

Compare this to a blog, whose content is listed chronologically. The latest post is always at the top. Search engines know this and consider old content irrelevant.

You don't want this to happen to your web content, or do you?

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying a blog can't bring in leads for your business. It sure can. But bar a few exceptions, it's not as effective as a website for purposes of providing valuable timeless information.

If you thought putting together your own website is a complex task...that you would need to learn HTML, SQL or similar confusing computer jargon, I have good news for you.

You can easily put together a your very own website. All it requires is your brain and motivation. You don't have to believe me. Here's proof that it can be done.

Once your website is live, your main job will be to provide content. Not just any content though, but content relevant to your target market.

The more valuable your content is... the more timeless your content is, the more visitors you will have. And the more leads you will have for your business.

Whatever marketing system you put in place, always provide a way for people to contact you in case they need more information.

Keep in mind that it is best not to mention that you are selling anything in your message. Focus your energy on providing valuable information to your prospect.

Repeat this as often as you can. And sooner rather than later you will start finding people who are willing to do business with you. People who contact you are the best leads you could ever get because...

"A prospect that comes to you is infinitely more qualified than anyone you could ever approach yourself." Ann Sieg

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