2 Easy To Implement
Network Marketing Fundamentals
You Can Use To Grow Your Business

Get network marketing fundamentals right, and your business will soar to heights you never thought possible.

This is a big promise. It actually borders on the outrageous.

What does this promise say? It says, in simple terms that for you to build a successful network marketing business (a business so successful that you will wonder what’s happening) you will have to get certain things right. And the things to get right are the fundamentals – network marketing fundamentals. Get them right and you have a successful business.

By now you may be asking, "What are fundamentals?"

I like to think of a fundamental as a foundation. Think of any structure – the house you live in for example. It is built on a foundation, right?

The foundation is the base upon which the house is built. It's usually invisible. How long this house will remain standing depends to a large extend on the quality of this foundation.

In the world of cosmetics a foundation is thought of as that cosmetic which is applied to the skin as the first layer of make-up. You probably know what will happen to the rest of the make-up if you don’t put this foundation first.

From these examples, we can distinguish fundamentals from the whole structure by at least three characteristics…

  • Fundamentals form the basis or foundation of the structure. Without them, the structure will not hold for long.
  • Fundamentals serve as a starting point. In other words they come first, and the rest follows.
  • Fundamentals are not visible or obvious when looking at the structure as a whole. They are hidden somewhere within the structure because everything else is overlaid or built upon them.

In a nutshell…

Fundamentals Are
A Very Important or Essential Part
Of The Bigger Whole

No organization or structure can exist for long without the fundamentals.

Having said that, I’m inclined to believe that the great majority of network marketers fail in network marketing because…

  1. They are not aware of network marketing fundamentals,
  2. and/Or

  3. They simply try to build their businesses without putting the network marketing fundamentals into place.

This should be obvious considering that only about 3% of distributors make any real money in network marketing businesses.

So what are these network marketing fundamentals?

What are the essential or very important parts of a network marketing business for distributors?

I suggest there are only two network marketing fundamentals. The first is…

  1. Service To Others
  2. Just think of any person or organization that you regard as successful. I’m talking here of people or organizations which have made a big impact on ordinary people's lives in a positive way.

    What do you think contributed more to their successes?

    Looking closely, you will realize that serving others was probably at the top of their goal list. Not only did they provide service to others. But many of them served their fellow human beings without expecting anything in return.

    I have in mind people like Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and Thomas Jefferson. And in more recent times people like Oprah Winfrey, Dr Phil, Nelson Mandela, etc.

    These people provided, (some still provide) selfless service to others. And bar a few, they do it without any expectation of getting something in return. They simply did or do what they loved and the rewards followed.

    As Zig Zigla puts it…

    "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

    This may well be the most important of the network marketing fundamentals. It cuts through everything else you may want to do. Without it, you may achieve some measure of success.


    To really succeed without much of the struggles tormenting many distributors today, I suggest you seriously consider changing your focus. If your focus was making money from your network marketing business, change it to helping others to make money from their businesses.

    You can never go wrong with this one.

    Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due course we shall reap, if we faint not. Paul's epistle to the Galatians

    A great deal of network marketers is aware of this principle. You probably are aware of it too. But a challenge faced by many of them is how to implement it.

    I have a suggestion for you…

    Starting now, think of your network marketing business as a business of helping people. Your mission, if you choose, could be something like 'to change people’s lives for the better' or similar.

    I emphasize 'think' because it is this thinking that is more important that what follows after. Ever heard of this proverb…

    Be careful what you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts."

    Once I became aware of the principle and allowed it to stay in my consciousness, I started noticing some positive results in my own business. I believe it can help you too. But only if you keep it mind most of your waking time.

    In the area of spiritual development, it is emphasized time and again that we create our destinies by how we habitually think. That is, by what we consciously or unconsciously allow to occupy our minds.

    Like begets like, as they put it. It’s a natural law. And it applies equally to network marketing.

    I am one to admit that it is not as simple as it sounds. It took me well over ten years to figure out what this really meant. Once you figure this out, all your struggles in network marketing will come to an end. And it can happen sooner than you may have imagined.

    I know it’s not an easy thought to take in. But it’s a fact. The sooner you realize this fact, the sooner you will see a positive change in your business.

    Much of the struggle in network marketing can be attributed to the tendency among network marketers to try to make lots of money without any attempt to change their view of life in general.

    One way to change your view of life is for you to realize that you are in network marketing to first help others get what they want, and know that positive results will follow if you tirelessly keep on helping others with their network marketing problems.

    Once you accept that serving others is top on the list of network marketing fundamentals, there’s no telling how fast your business will grow -- just from maintaining this attitude alone.

    A mistake often made by many network marketers is to put their whole focus on trying to make lots of money. It’s like trying to get the golden eggs out without taking care of the goose that lays them.

    This kind of strategy works against natural laws.

    A change in attitude could be all you need to start making progress in your network marketing business.

    Click here to learn how a quite home-school mom from Minnesota nearly crippled her network marketing company simply by deciding to put her focus on serving others.

    The second of the network marketing fundamentals is...

  3. Leverage
  4. Imagine trying to lift a heavy object, for example an automobile engine, on your own. Can you do it? Maybe you can. But I imagine it will be very difficult for you to do it.


    Harness the power of leverage.

    By harnessing the power of leverage you could make the job of lifting that heavy engine seem like a walk in the park.

    You may be asking, "What is leverage?"

    The word leverage is widely used in financial circles than it is in network marketing. When a business borrows money to fund its operations or acquire some assets it’s called financial leverage. This can be described as using other people’s money to build your own business.

    In network marketing circles leverage can be described as using other people's efforts to build your business.

    It is almost impossible for anyone to succeed in a network marketing business unless they harness the power of leverage into their businesses.

    The least understood of the network marketing fundamentals is leverage.

    To understand it let’s look at where the work leverage comes from.

    Leverage is a word derived from the word lever. I like to think of a lever as a bar that you would put on a fulcrum, with one end under the object you want to lift. To lift the object you push the other end of the lever down so that as you do the object is lifted upwards. An important point to note here is that the longer the lever, the easier it becomes to lift the less effort required to lift the object.

    In our example of the automobile engine the lever would be a pulley you place above the engine bay. You would crank it up until the engine is hoisted well out of its position.

    In financial circles the lever is the borrowed money.

    What about network marketing? What can you use as a lever to make your network marketing easier?

    I suggest there are two levers in network marketing. And using them both can take your business to new heights.

    The two levers in network marketing circles are people and the internet.

    It is possible to succeed at network marketing today using only people as your lever. It has been done before, and it’s being done by many network marketers. But it’s way too difficult to do it that way.

    And if you still build your business this way, you are missing out on the leverage you would get from using what probably is the best lever ever invented for anyone in business – the internet.

    Let me illustrate…

    Picture yourself giving a presentation in your living room or at one of your downline member’s home. At most you can accommodate 20 or so guests. At the end of the presentation two of the prospects show interest in opportunity. One of them finally joins your team.

    You continue this way and suddenly realize that you could do better by hiring your local school hall where you can accommodate 50 to 100 people at most. At this venue you manage to sign up 3 to 5 new members.

    Your business is growing. And you are thrilled because you now see yourself being counted among the top earners. Your problem is…

    Your potential is severely limited.


    • if making cold calls makes you cringe...
    • if standing in front of people is not your idea of fun...
    • if taking advantage of other people doesn’t excite you...

    then you are going to find it even harder, frustrating and at worst undoable if you try to build your business using this approach.

    Don’t get me wrong. Sure you can do it. You can build a successful business without using the internet as one of your levers because the key issue here is leverage. You would be using people as your lever. And that's OK.

    But why stick to old school tactics if you could reach an infinitely large number of people without living your home. It’s much simpler than harassing any person who happens to cross your path.

    If you do it right, the internet can be a very powerful tool to leverage on.

To summarize...

It can be easy to build a network marketing business. All it takes is getting the network marketing fundamentals right. These are…

  • Provide a valuable service to others, without expecting any rewards in return, and
  • Leverage yourself on the internet for maximum exposure.

Need some proof?

Click here to see real life stories of how ordinary people like you and I are harnessing these network marketing fundamentals to the full.

NOTE: While many of these case studies are not in network marketing as such, they illustrate the point I'm making here, serving others first and to leverage on the internet to reach many people effortlessly.

I urge you to specifically look at the network marketing case studies towards the end of the page. If you listen closely you notice that these people applied the network marketing fundamentals when building their businesses.

Some of the stories may not be in network marketing. But they show what can happen for you if you serve other people and leverage on the internet to do so. And this begs the question…

If others can do it, what’s stopping you from doing it?

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