Are You Making These Mistakes When Building Your Network Marketing Downline?

Many people are under the impression that building a network marketing downline is a difficult task. It is not true at all. While it does require a little bit of time, effort, and money, it is certainly not a very difficult task.

With the right strategies and the right attitude, you can easily build a large downline and achieve financial success.

The Two Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistake #1: Using Ineffective Marketing Methods

Cold calling, sending out flyers, publishing ads on magazines and newspapers, and hosting seminars are not exactly the best ways to build a network marketing downline.

These methods, despite taking up a lot of your time and effort, do not give the best results.

You can get better results with the help of the internet.

This does not mean that you should not use these methods at all. You should just make sure that you concentrate more on online marketing and less on these traditional marketing techniques.

The first thing you need to build a network marketing downline is a website - your very own website. Not your company's replicated website.

The website should provide useful content to your targeted audience. The content should ideally be about what benefits your products can provide to your target audience.

Your website may also contain information on the business opportunity that you are promoting. It should convince people that they have a lot to gain by joining the program. But this is secondary.

Your primary goal should be to provide valuable content to your audience.

Naturally, you want a website which ranks well at the search engines. This is by no means easy, especially if you are new to computers and the internet.

However there are resources that can help you achieve this without cracking your skull. One such resource is Solo Built It (SBI). With SBI your job is reduced to one thing only - putting in the content. The rest is taken care off for you.

You may also send targeted traffic to your site using article marketing, blogging, social networking, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and other effective online marketing methods. But these may take your focus away from what's important, namely, building a network marketing downline through content.

Mistake #2: Choosing the Wrong People

Sponsoring people who are not interested in MLM or people who do not know anything about MLM is one of the biggest mistakes that network marketers often make. A network marketing downline is not just a bunch of random people thrown in together.

A large downline will be of no use if the people you sponsored do not do anything. So, it is very important to look for your target customer base while building a downline.

The web is the best place to find your target customer base. In general, you can look for three categories of people for your network marketing downline –

  • people with network marketing experience,
  • people who have no experience, but have a genuine interest, and
  • self motivated people who have the drive to take the business to the next level.

The greatest advantage of having a network marketing website is that you can be sure that anyone who contacts you via your website is bound to be interested in your business.

You can collect email ids from your visitors, send newsletters to them on a regular basis, develop excellent relationships with them, and make them a part of your business.

Training the People in Your Downline

Once you sponsor a person, you should not leave her on her own. You should work closely with her, share your ideas, teach her the tricks of the trade, and help her build a downline of her own.

Once she gets a hold of things, you should move on to the next person. This is the best way to build a large network marketing downline and succeed as a multi-level marketer.

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