How To Find
Best Of Breed MLM Prospects

Without Paying For Another Opportunity Lead Again

How would you like to have mlm prospects line up and practically beg you to join your opportunity? You would? Then pay careful attention because...

This may be the most important web page you have ever read.

Good quality network marketing prospects are hard to come by, and network marketing companies know this. That is why they put together systems they hope will help their distributors to successfully recruit more mlm prospects. Problem is...

In-house MLM Recruiting Systems
Have Proved ineffective Over The Years.

If you have been in network marketing for some time you will probably agree that company provided lead generation systems are not effective enough.

The reason why company systems don't work effectively is because they encourage distributors to target every person in sight. This, unfortunately has proven to be a big mistake. For, if it was effective, the high failure rate experienced in the network marketing industry would certainly be reduced.

The fact is...

In spite of network marketing companies providing what they consider to be the best marketing materials to their distributors, over 95% of network marketers still don't make any real money from their businesses.

Many distributors pour their hearts and souls into their businesses, attending opportunity meeting after opportunity meeting, talking to any living soul around them. But in spite of this, they discover that their efforts bring in little or no mlm prospects at all.

Surely there is a better way. There has to be a better way to network marketing prospecting. And I'm pleased to tell you that there is a better way.

This 'better way' centers around a fundamental natural principle - the principle of giving and getting.

You see, there is a natural law or principle that determines how much of anything we shall have. The name by which this law is called is of no importance. The fact is it applies everywhere and it goes something like this...

If You Want To Be Great
Be A Servant Of All

Put slightly differently, the principle says...

If you want to get, give.

The reason more than 95% of network marketers don't make any real money is because company provided network marketing lead generation systems they use focus on 'getting'. They pay little, if any, attention to 'giving'. They put the cart before the horse.

It is important that you note that not only should you give, but that you should give without expecting to get.

Great leaders in any sphere of life have, consciously or unconsciously, used this law to their advantage. Think of people like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. In the marketing field think of people like Mike Klinger, Ann Sieg, etc.

All these people focused their attention on giving instead of getting. As a result they became great in their respective fields.

One thing surprising about this principle is that as you freely give, you get more than you give. It's is more like planting. You plant one seed and harvest enough to consume and replant.

So what does this giving and getting have to do with finding best of breed mlm prospects without paying a dime for an opportunity lead? The answer is simply...everything.

To find qualified prospects for your network marketing business you need to give. This is where company provided marketing material fail. Because they teach you to attempt to sign everyone you know or meet.

What then, should you give in order to get qualified mlm prospects?

Broadly speaking, give something of value to your prospect and they will come to you. This implies that you already know the type of prospect you want to attract.

Realize that not everyone is your prospect. So know who your prospect is. Know this even before you start doing anything to find mlm prospects. Take the time to sit down and profile your prospect. Give this task the seriousness it deserves, because in the end...

A Targeted Profile
Is Easier To Market To
Than Any Other Profile

Once you know the type of prospects you want to deal with, your next step should be to give them what they really want. Find out what they really want. Give it to them for free.

The best product you can give any prospect is information. People want solutions to their problems. So by providing information which can help them solve their specific problems, you will place yourself in a position of trust with the prospect. You build credibility.

Let's say you established that your targeted profile of a prospect is someone who is already in network marketing who wants to find mlm prospects for his business without paying a cent for his marketing. Ask yourself questions such as...

What specific problems would such a prospect have?

What keeps him awake at night?

Do you know of a way that can solve this problem?

These and other questions that you can think of, will help determine what you need to give in order to find your targeted mlm prospects.

In our example, the problem is finding qualified prospects with little or no cost. You can decide to provide a solution by offering free mlm training on how to find prospects with little or no cost.

Package your training in such a way that people will find you. This is commonly referred to as attraction marketing. It involves attracting mlm prospects to you instead of you going to them.

There are various ways you set up your attraction marketing system. You could use a website, a blog, post articles in article directories, etc.

Naturally, some methods are more effective than others. But it does not really matter which method you use, as long as it reaches your target audience effectively.