The Secret Structure Of
A Good MLM Marketing System

It's a well-known fact that a sickening majority of people never make any money in network marketing?

One reason this is so is because many people joining network marketing are not aware that to succeed, they need to find and implement a good mlm marketing system.

Perhaps you are one of them...

Perhaps you've accepted as truth the notion that you simply have to bring in three people and your upline will build your business for you. And you now wonder why your business is not growing as promised.

It's not your fault. It's probably what everybody else is told.

The truth is that the vast majority of the so-called upline is also not aware that a good and effective mlm marketing system is crucial to the success of any network marketing business.

Or, if they do, they do not know how to put such a system together.

On this page we'll look at what makes a good mlm marketing system good, and what you'll need to implement one in your business right now. But first...

What Is A Marketing System?

The Oxford Paperback Dictionary defines a system as a set of connected parts that work together.

And the Cambridge Dictionaries online defines marketing as a job that involves encouraging people to buy a product or service.

Putting the two together, we may think of a marketing system as...

...a set of connected parts that work together to encourage people to buy a product or service.

This brings us to what probably lies behind the success of any effective mlm marketing system -- its goal.

The ultimate goal of your network marketing system is to constantly reassure your prospects that you are the best person to do business with. This way you encourage your prospects to buy from no one but you.

The best way to accomplish this is to market information -- information that is valuable and useful to your prospects on its own.

Marketing information is the secret behind any effective mlm marketing system. It's called...

Educational Marketing

I know of no other mlm marketing system that can find pre-qualified prospects for you than educational marketing. The reason educational marketing is so effective is that, it turns prospects into friends if done properly.

The thing is...

People have all sorts of problems. And they need solutions to these problems. And the best way to solve their problems is to educate them.

Position yourself as someone who can solve people's problems, and they will come to you. And guess what? Sooner or later they will bring their friends along. They can't help it because it's human nature to share good things.

Here's just a short list of what you can do to position yourself as someone who can solve your prospects' problems:-

  1. You can write articles and submit them for publishing.
  2. There are various places you can submit your articles to (both offline and online). These include article directories, magazines, and newspapers, to name a few.

  3. You can speak at seminars and/or conferences
  4. You don't have to wait to be asked to speak at any seminars. You can organize and host your own seminars.

    For example if you have a solution to heartburn, why not create an awareness campaign about it.

    You can hold these seminars as regularly as you can around your community. Or to leverage your efforts, you can record these and put them on the internet.

  5. You can interview experts
  6. Interview those you consider to be experts in your niche, record these interviews and post them onto the internet.

  7. You can write and publish books
  8. It doesn't really matter whether you write your hard copy or digital (eBooks) books. The key is finding a way to distribute your information to your target market.

  9. You can periodically send out newsletters
  10. This is particularly effective if you have a website or blog. Have an opt-in page where people can leave an email address if they want more information.

In short, give away free information. Your business will grow from strength to strength if you do this consistently.

Keep in mind that whatever information you give away, it has to be valuable and useful to your prospects on its own. To put it differently, it must solve your prospects' problems even if they don't buy from you.

Getting back to our original question, what makes a good mlm marketing system good?

For your mlm marketing system to be good, it must have the ability to do the following four functions tirelessly:-

  • A good mlm marketing system sifts and sorts through your prospects for you. It presents you with only the best prospects, leaving all the dross behind.
  • Time is money. So it's important that you only spend your valuable time with the best prospects.

  • A good mlm marketing system pre-sells your prospects for you. It does this through the educational marketing we talked about earlier. Some of the failure experienced by many network marketers emanates directly from lack of knowledge.
  • A good mlm marketing system will follow-up with your prospects for you. This frees up your time to do other important things for your business.
  • A good mlm marketing system will generate an income for you, whether your prospects buy from you or not. It's called funded proposal. But whatever name you may want to call it, the important thing is that you will lose out if you cannot monetize your marketing system.

Here' a random list of some of the media you can use to put together such a system.

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Article submissions
  • Free search engine listings
  • Social media
  • Direct mail
  • Forums
  • Ezine ads

The idea is to bring people into your marketing funnel.

And once in, your mlm marketing system should be able to do the rest for you. It should, for example, pre-sell and follow-up on your prospects using the educational process. This is important because...

By educating your prospects, you put yourself in front of them. You differentiate yourself from your competition. You constantly remind them of your presence.

One of the fundamental rules in selling is the awareness that people don't like the idea of being sold. They want to buy.

Recall what we said earlier about a marketing system? We said that it is a set of connected parts that work together to encourage people to buy.

So with a good mlm marketing system in place, when your prospects are ready to buy, they'll remember that you once helped them. And they are more likely to buy from you.

In conclusion, let me ask you this question...

"What are you selling?"

If you are like most network marketers I meet, your answer will be something like...

"I'm with company XYZ and we sell product ABC."

But, bearing in mind what we've just discussed, is that really what you are selling? My answer is No. Your primary business is not selling your products or opportunity. That's secondary. Your primary business -- your core business if you will -- is selling what I like to call "How to information".

So if you pick only one lesson from this page, this is it...

Don't market your products or opportunity. Market information.

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