How To Ensure That You Don’t Fail In Network Marketing

Far too many people fail in network marketing. It is estimated that as much as 97% of people who start a network marketing business never make it.

How can you ensure that you do not become part of the 97%? Follow the 6 steps below, and you will eliminate most of the obstacles blocking your way to success.

  1. Know what you want
  2. Knowing what you want eliminates one of the major causes of failure in network marketing – lack of staying power. It takes a relatively long time to start seeing positive results in network marketing. Unless you are clear about your objectives to start a network marketing business...

    • you will not put the effort that is required in this business
    • you will not have the patience that is so essential in this business,
    • you will not have the perseverance that is so essential for success in this business
    • in short, you will fail in network marketing.

    Desire has always been, and still is the driving force behind all achievement. Know what you want out of your business, and you will not fail in network marketing.

  3. Take action
  4. It pains to see so many people coming into network marketing and expect their downlines to grow with little or no effort on their part. Why someone would spend money to start a business and expect others to build that business for him/her is puzzling.

    In an effort to build their businesses faster, some distributors say things like these to their prospects:

    • “We will build your downline for you”
    • “Just get three, and leave the rest to us”

    They promise things they know they will not do. Do not be like them. Take the necessary action to build your own business, despite what they say, and you will not fail in network marketing.

    Here is something to take note of. Network marketers are notorious for their insatiable appetite for information. While learning is important, it is spending most of your time on books, tapes and DVDs that is certain to cause you not to take action.

    If you personally take action, you are likely to see results more quickly. By seeing results you will be motivated to take even more action and avoid being another failure in network marketing.

  5. Take your business seriously
  6. Yes, many distributors do not take their businesses seriously. They treat their businesses like hobbies. This is a serious mistake and is probably the result of not knowing what one wants. Avoid it.

    The idea of working from home is a dream cherished by many people. Imagine waking up at your own time, working only when you want, taking a vacation as and when you want. This is how some network marketers treat their businesses, and to their own detriment.

    Multilevel-marketing is serious business. You do not just work as and when you want. Work at it like you would work at any serious busniness, and MLM will reward you handsomely.

    Here's something you may not be aware of...

    • It takes far harder work to run a network marketing business than it does to work in a 9 to 5 job.
    • It takes a lot of discipline to run a network marketing business than it does to work in a 9 to 5 job.

    Again, network marketing is a serious business, just like any other brick and mortar type of business. Just because you paid less than $100 to start your business does not make it any less serious.

    So if you are serious about what you want, take your network marketing business seriously. It could mean the difference between being a failure statistic or a success story.

  7. Avoid recruiting friends, family and acquaintances
  8. Contrary to popular belief, friends, family and acquaitances, i.e. people in your warm market, are not your target market.

    If you have been in network marketing for some time, you probably have been told at one point or another that ‘anyone can do it’, ‘start with the warm market, or ‘apply the 3 Foot Rule’, etc.

    Ever heard of these? Well, you have been lied to, because these people are not your target market. So...

    Who is your target market?

    Is it any one you happen to know. No. Not at all. Your target market is someone who is already out there actively looking for what you have to offer? Now, are your friends, family members or acquaintances actively looking for what you have to offer?

    It is insane to think that the so-called your warm market will want to join you. These people, plus anyone who has not asked you to show him/her what you may have no desire or inclination to join network marketing.

    Do no waste your valuable time chasing after these people. If any of them comes to you and enquires about what you do, of course show him/her. Other than that you will alienate yourself from them.

  9. Provide value to your customers and prospects
  10. There are many people out there looking for opportunities like network marketing. There are also many distributors out there just like you wanting to sign up these people. So to win this battle you need to ask yourself the following questions:

    1. How different are you from other distributors?
    2. How do you differentiate yourself from other distributors?
    3. Why should someone sign up in your organisation?

    All I am saying is find something of value that you can offer to your prospects and customers that they do not get from other distributors.

    One thing that many new network marketing distributors need most is finding qualified prospects. If you can find ways to train your distributors on how to prospect for leads, the odds are very good that you will not fail in network marketing.

  11. Whatever you do...
  12. Don’t quit

    You can know what you want, take action, or do any of what I mentioned above, but on the day that you decide to quit network marketing, you will be counted among the failures. Never quit. It is not an answer to your problems.

    Coupled with quitting is hopping from one MLM opportunity to another. You are running on treadmill if you do this.

Looking at the above it should be clear that to fail in network marketing is a choice only you can make, consciously or otherwise. So make the right the choice, don’t fail in network marketing.

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