Issue # 001
Issue Date: 1 August 2011

In this issue:

  1. 2 (Often Overlooked) Ways To Deal With The Fear Of Rejection In Network Marketing
  2. Own Your Business Or Ship Out: Part 1

Article #1

2 (Often Overlooked) Ways To Deal With The Fear Of Rejection In Network Marketing

If you've been in network marketing for some time, you have at one stage or another experienced fear.

The emotion of fear is controlling the lives of so many people (including network marketers) that I thougt it wise to make this a featured article in the first issue of Network Marketing Insider.

As a distributor you may experience fear in at least one of three ways...

Fear of losing your security

You will have a tendency to hoard if you experience the fear of losing your security. You don't want to give up what you already have to get what you want.

Does this resonate with you? Think of it this way...

You want to roll a campaign. You know how much the campaign will cost you. But what do yo do? You start saying to yourself, "What if it doesn't work? I lose all my money if it doesn't."

And you hang on to your money.

The other kind of fear network marketing distributors experience is...

The fear of failure

Frankly, no one wants to fail. But imagine what would happen if everyone were to succumb to the fear of failure. No one would succeed at anything.

But perhaps what plagues many network marketers is the...

Fear of rejection

And that's why I want to give you a head start in dealing with this kind of fear. But first...

How does the fear of rejection manifest itself? You have this fear if you start telling yourself things like

"I can't handle being disapproved"
"I can't handle being rejected"
"I can't handle the word 'No'", etc.

You actually visualise yourself being rejected. And because you "can't handle" that, you stop trying.

But what if you can handle the fear? What would happen if you knew for certain that you can handle the fear of being rejected? Think around this very carefully because in truth, fear is nothing but an illusion. So your first step at dealing with the fear of rejection is to

Know Fear For What It Reaaly Is...Nothing

Here's an insider tip that may help you overcome this fear very quickly. See the word FEAR as an acronym derived from...

False Expectations Appearing Real

View fear as just some unfounded expectations appearing real. Nothing more.

Again what would happen if you knew what you feared is unreal? You would be spurred to take action and do what you must do in spite of the fear, wouldn't you?

This leads me to second step you can take to deal with your fear of handling rejection, namely...

Do what you fear most and your fear disappears.

Follow the Nike slogan - Just Do It!

Heavy hitters in network marketing started off by being consistent at just doing it. And kept doing in spite of the fear.

If you think of fear this way, you soon discover that what you feared never existed. It was all the mind, as the saying goes.

This poetic verse by William Wordsworth may help reinforce your understanding of the nature fear:

What are fears but voices airy?
Whispering harm where harm is not.
And deluding the unwary
Till the fatal bolt is shot!

The success of your network marketing business is in your hands. And one way to improve your chances of success is dealing with your fear of rejection right off the bat. Click here for more on what you can do to ensure your success with your network marketing business.


Article #2

Own Your Business Or Ship Out: Part 1

Network marketing is not what it used to be...and you may not remain in it much longer if you are not willing to change your old habits.

What happens after you sign up with a network marketing company? Among the first things you're told is that you should make a list, isn't it?

And what list is your company or spososr referring to here? You guessed right. Put on your list anyone you know, starting with your family and friends. And then include all acquaintances - from colleagues, your service providers to any one who happens to cross your path.

This strategy may have worked for some in the past. And it may have worked for too. You may have attained the highest title in your company - Diamond, President, Blue Diamond or whatever name your company uses to describe such level.

But there's a problem with using old school tacits to promote your business. And that is...

You don't own your business

Here's why I think you don't own your business despite attaining higher level status in any network marketing company...

What would happen to you if your network company goes under? You go with it, don't you?

After your company (and you) go under, how long will it take you to build an income similar to the one you earned from your company?

Scary stuff, isn't it? But I hope you can see the risk of following old school tactics to network marketing. You become your company's marketing arm. You are in fact part of their marketing, selling or advetising strategy. And when they go down, you go with them because...

In spite of the fact that they kept telling you that you ran you own independent business, you were not. You were all along dependent on them for you livelyhood.

You will have to do everyting from scratch to rebuild, meaning approaching your family, friends, colleagues, etc. if you want to buil another downline. And you will have to approacy them one at a time - much like you did before.

And guess what...because the company took them with when it went down they will not trust you anymore, making it even more difficult for you to rebuild.

The key in owning your own business is controlling your lead flow. You don't have any real business if don't do that.

The big shots, heavy hitters, whatever you call them know how to do this...

And you can too. I'll show how in the next issue. Stay tuned.

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